How it works

We have negotiated arrangements with forestry suppliers and land owners to create an initiative whereby we can jointly fund the planting of an English oak tree for every permanent placement we make with an employer in the UK.

We chose the English oak for our A Tree For Every Placement initiative due to its proven environmental benefits.

A tree for every placement

Each time we make a permanent placement with an employer, through our Better Workdays Charitable Trust we will match-fund to cover the cost of purchasing, planting and certificating an oak tree.

The tree

The employer and new employee will receive a copy of their certificate, which includes the date, location and genetic authentication of the specific tree planting.


Due to plantings being made on private land it may not be possible to physically visit each site. However, satellite technology will enable the viewing of the location


The certified planting will provide the comfort of knowing that the environment will be benefitting, 24/7 for many years to come, as a direct result of that employer and employee deciding to work together.