Careers in sustainable industries and technology

We sustainably connect people and organisations with a passion for making a difference

The Ford & Stanley Group mission is to create one million better workdays through facilitating great recruitment, leadership and occupational mental fitness.

There is overwhelming evidence showing that, irrespective of whether someone chooses a career in environmental and climate technology, most people aspire to work with organisations that are environmentally responsible. In a critically skills-short environment, green credentials  are increasingly becoming a key factor in employment choices.

Passion for the environment has always been a key part of Ford & Stanley’s organisational DNA; evidenced by our sponsorship of projects such as the Wellbeing & Conservation Meadow in Derbyshire.

A Tree For Every Placement

Our A Tree For Every Placement initiative further underlines both our own and our customers’ green credentials by jointly funding the planting of an oak tree every time someone joins a client company through Ford & Stanley. What this means is that, irrespective of the nature of that person’s employment up to 500 years of daily environmental benefit will be realised as a direct result.

As arguments rage around the world regarding the validity or otherwise of climate change data, the Ford & Stanley position is simply that, if we help do practical things that help nature, then our little bit of the world will be an incrementally better place to work and live in.

(Environmentally) Better Workdays, Better Everydays